About Us

At  Tackle we are passionate about Kokanee & Trout fishing and it shows in our workmanship of every product we make and carry. We are constantly testing new designs on the water every week. You can most likely catch us out on our home waters of Merwin, Yale and Swift reservoir in SW Washington.  If you see us out there, stop by and say hello, and to see what is working or not working.

We are here to help and teach each Kokanee angler to become more successful on the water.  Please keep checking back for tips and tricks to put more fish in your boat.

We have been fishing for Kokanee since the 80's when my plumber, Joe the plumber (The original), introduced me to Kokanee fishing on Yale Reservoir in Southwest Washington, and boy was I hooked. Those Chrome Bullets fought like crazy and tasted better than any fish I have ever had.   

We discovered years ago that Kokanee and Trout seem to respond to the flash and vibrant colors of GLASS, BRASS, and NICKEL.  After a long search, we found very durable, high-quality glass, brass,& nickel beads that will put more fish in your boat.

All of our hooks are hand tied using MAXIMA CLEAR with egg loops for durability, and a great place to put some extra tinsel flash, rubber skirt material or yarn.

We tie all our lures with the premium Gamakatsu “Drop Shot hooks".  The Gamakatsu “Drop Shot” is now becoming the PREMIUM Kokanee hook.  This hook WILL put more Kokanee in your boat with fewer lost fish.

All of our “Fang Blades” are powder coated for extra durability and come with UV “Glow Venom” on the blade tips.  The “Fang Blades” create a unique sonic vibration in the water that drive Kokanee nuts!

Our “Venomous Hoochie’s” are 1.5” Micro Hoochie’s that have a little brass and glass to give that extra sonic vibration that will drive Kokanee to STRIKE like a “Venomous Snake".