I apologize I Didn't get the picture with The Rainbow Death Arrow Flash Dodger in it but it was responsible for this awesome catch . Thanks Patrick next haul will have pics with the gear .  

Got my limit today thanks for the great tackle !

Just wanted to thank Deadly Venom for the 2 pit vipers and package of Medusa blades. I have been making my own Kokanee lures for a couple years buying different beads and blades. My wife and I went out our first time with the deadly venom tackle and had 25 Kokanee and a small chinook within two hours . Thanks again. Customer for life !
If you ever get any decals made I will gladly show my support.  I've been living in North Idaho and fishing these lakes since I was a kid . Excited I get to add deadly venom to my tackle.

Thanks Aaron M.



Just love your tackle.
Been using them at Yale and kicking it.
Your sidewinder dodger rainbow was the hot ticket all day.
Thanks for making such a great product. Wish I would have found you earlier.
Passing along your name to anyone that asks.
Have a great holiday.
Larry S.


You guys are the best! I tell everybody. Great tackle and support videos helped me catch more and bigger fish.
All  were caught on either the Arrow Flash dodger in UV pearl pink with an orange stinger with nickle flame or the gold flake 6" sidewinder glow serpent dodger with hot pint with nickle flame. We caught 18 in 3 hours.  Have a great day and love your tackle.
I have never used arrow flash dodgers or your hoochie's untill last weekend at Anderson Ranch. Anderson's kokanee population is not nearly what it has been in the past and fishing has been poor to say the least. In two earlier two day trips I netted a total of 25 fish. Last weekend 50 with 2/3 16" to 20'' and up to 3 lb. 14 oz. I think most of the credit go's to the dodgers but I like your hoochie's a lot and will probably never get them from any one but you. I even made a sell for you to Travis K. who on Sunday netted 4 to my 25. Here are some photos of some fish and my boat. The 28 jars of canned kokanee is 1/2 the catch.
Thank You for great products

Your hoochies crushed it on Hayden Lake last year, excited to reload for this season!

Taggart J.