Leader Length

Believe it or not, leader length is where most Kokanee fishermen/women fail the course. This may be, because most lure manufactures including us at Deadly Venom Tackle, assemble lures with 3 to 4 feet of leader on the lure. If the customer can't read the fine print on the back of the package, they just tie it on and putter around the lake wondering why every one else is catching fish with the same gear but I'm not.
Well remember, we are trying to "PISS OFF" these chrome bullets. If the lure has no action and is just going in a straight line, then just sit back and enjoy the scenery because your not going home with your limit.


Hoochies are becoming the "go-to" for most lakes. Always start the day with at least one Hoochie on a pole. Hoochies need to be swung back and forth behind a dodger, even if they have a spinner in the front. A 4"-8" leader is just right to give that perfect action.
I believe this is true for all spinners on the market as well.
If you are using lake trolls, increase your leader length up to no more than 24". I like to use about 14".